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Necessary for the recovery of your condition. We offer a variety of custom braces for knee, shoulder, foot, ankle, wrist, elbow, neck and back. Call Pro Motion Rehab today for an Appointment @ (828) 837-0400.

We choose DonJoy for all our bracing for our patients. Why?  The roots of DonJoy Performance lie in the rich sports medicine history of DJO Global, the brand’s parent company. Founded as DonJoy in 1978 by Mark Nordquist, the Philadelphia Eagles’ offensive line captain and Ken Reed, a local lawyer, the company started out designing and producing simple sleeves made of sewn-together neoprene that was pulled over the knee, ankle, and elbow joints for support. Over the years, with massive medical research and development and exceptional technological innovation, DJO Global has grown to become the leader in orthopedics and orthopedic rehabilitation, offering over one thousand medical devices that help people throughout the entire continuum of care, from injury prevention to rehabilitation.

The DonJoy brand can be seen every day at the elite level of sports, with bracing, compression, and protective solutions in the training rooms and on every field of play. The world’s top athletes, trainers, and sports physicians have all come to trust DonJoy. And now we’re happy to bring our exceptional technologies and compelling designs directly to athletes everywhere through retail and online distribution with the DonJoy Performance line.

Pro Motion Rehab is the exclusive provider of Don Joy Custom ACL Braces and Prefab Braces in the Murphy North Carolina area. We measure, fit, and adjust as needed for all styles of braces or orthotics. Most braces come with a replacement warranty for fit and comfort. We also bill most insurances including Medicare for these braces. If you have a brace need contact us to see how we can fit your needs.

Bracing is most often misunderstood as a permanent solution to a medical, surgical, or sports-related problem. This is not and should not be the case for most people. Bracing should be a temporary solution to a temporary problem. Braces are meant to render support and safety while a person is healing, recovering, or rehabbing from an injury or surgery. It allows the body part to function while the individual goes through their day to day activities and provides structural support so that the individual does not make the problem worse while recovering. There are a variety of bracing companies available to the community however it is often best to deal with a reputable company that will guarantee their braces, especially custom-fitted braces. One such company that offers a variety of braces for most body parts is Don Joy. The quality and customer care of Don Joy ensures that the individual will receive an excellent product.

Pro Motion Rehab is an exclusive provider of Don Joy Braces. We measure and custom fit all of the braces we issue to individuals that present with a request and a need for any such brace. We also bill most insurance plans for these braces once authorization has been given. Below are a few of the braces available to individuals and patients coming to Pro Motion Rehab.

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