Manual Therapy and Biodex

What are the advantages of Biodex Isokinetics? Nothing can duplicate the performance of the Biodex Isokinetic System.

Biodex Isokinetics is the only safe way to load a dynamically contracting muscle to maximum capability throughout its entire range in a continuous motion using either functional positions or isolated incorrect biomechanical positions. A Biodex isokinetic contraction recruits a larger number of muscle fibers than any other method of exercise.

Biodex Isokinetic resistance accommodates Pain, Fatigue and Musculoskeletal Leverage. The resistance a patient encounter is in direct proportion to the effort. Patients will never encounter more resistance than they are capable of applying.

Range Of Motion: 
Slow steady passive motion throughout the entire available range. Gentle sustained stretching at end of the available range allows for an increased range of joints as tolerated with decreased risk of tearing.

Decreased Joint Compressive Forces: 
High-speed isokinetics minimizes joint compression and translational forces while it strengthens the musculature. Biodex isokinetics allows high speeds even in short arc patterns.

Functional Training and Evaluation: 
Biodex isokinetic performance has been consistently shown to demonstrate a positive correlation to function. Only Biodex isokinetics allows patients to test and train with the isolated joints and surrounding musculature in biomechanically correct positions and at speeds that replicate function. All the parameters (including acceleration and deceleration) that define muscle functional performance can be measured.

With the highest level of accuracy, and reliability of any dynamic evaluation procedure, only Biodex isokinetics allows for the objective determination of:
Need (functional disability)
Progress (response to rehabilitation)
Outcome (return to function)

There have been more than 2,000 studies published utilizing isokinetics as an evaluation and rehabilitation method, an estimated 60 million patient treatments.

Versatile and Cost-Effective: 
The versatility and adaptability of the Biodex Isokinetic System allow safe treatment of the widest variety of patients through every phase of rehabilitation. The Biodex Isokinetic System increases clinic efficiency… treat more patients more effectively.

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