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      Rated 5/5 based on 64 customer reviews
      "Thank you so much for your friendly & caring manner of providing my therapy. I appreciate you all! "
      Nov 02, 2021
      "One month is not enough time to thank you. You're a year long project. I appreciate you!! I will miss you!! Thank you for all you've done for me. You made me laugh, you made pain almost fun! Most of all you made me feel like family. "
      Nov 02, 2021
      "5 Stars in every way The entire staff is not only professional and highly qualified, they intently listened to my concerns and developed a therapeutic program to meet my needs. Everyone is caring and friendly; going above and beyond my expectations. I found Pro Motion to be very clean and well equipped with the latest equipment. I appreciate all they've done to help me progress toward my goals. I highly recommend Pro Motion Rehab to anyone in need of rehabilitative physical therapy."
      Oct 27, 2021
      "Doing Great! You're right God had it! I'm sure all the prayers really helped. Thanks so much for ya'll thoughtfulness. It's always a blessing to meet people like ya'll. May God bless you."
      Oct 11, 2021
      "These are the most amazing people and Pro Motion is totally different than any other professional business you've ever experienced. Not only do they make you happy and feel good, they treat you and a guest to a meal at Downtown Pizza. Who else does that!?!?!"
      Oct 05, 2021
      "Just to let you know I have moved. Tell everyone I said hello and I may see Y'all again one of these days. Thank you again for the care you gave me and y'all are a great group of people. "
      Oct 05, 2021
      "I just want to say that all the staff are great They took their time with me and when I was not able to do something they listened The rehabilitation centers in Ohio only give you half an hour They provide 1 hour. I asked where to purchase items that were helpful for me and Kristie looked it up on the Internet and was able to get them in the facility for me before I left for Ohio I really appreciate everything you all have done for me. "
      Aug 09, 2021
      "A very professional group that does a lot to help you."
      Jun 22, 2021
      "Dear Pro Motion Rehab Staff Please know how grateful I am that your expertise, kindness and encouragement is so appreciated. Where I was ready to give up a job I loved because of chronic pain, I am now excited to be going back. I am cognizant that the folks around me were suffering much more than I, but you placed as much are with my concerns with understanding. I will not hesitate to recommend this team to anyone. Thank you for helping me figure it all out. I learned so very much Kindest regards Anita G."
      May 10, 2021
      "As I opened the door to Pro Motion in Murphy, NC I was pretty sure that this was a hoop I had to jump (limp) through on my way to a total hip replacement. Every time I put my left foot down and loaded my hip I had pretty severe pain in the joint. Stairs required a lot of gymnastics. How could a few excercises effect interior joint pain? Color me dubious. A few visits to check the boxes and it would be back to Emory for the Fix. It turned out the Fix was at Pro Motion. After my first visit, which was primarily evaluation, i clearly understood the real problem and had a plan in place to fix it. And it is fixed. i have zero hip pain and way better overall leg strength. Not only did the problem get fixed but the process was always enjoyable. The entire staff makes the visits something to look forward to rather than a drudgery. Prior to my 2020 move to Hiawassee, Ga from Wisconsin I had a Total Knee Replacement in 2018 and had a fair amount of P T following the procedure. While well intentioned and helpful, it just was not in the same league as Pro Motion. Thank You Pro Motion. "
      Feb 19, 2021
      "These Therapist are outstanding and personable at there job. "
      Feb 18, 2021
      "I enjoyed my rehab, everyone was so nice and very pleasant . They helped me so much and I appreciate all they did for me to make my rehab enjoyable. ThNk u all so much. Barbara martin"
      Feb 09, 2021
      "Great place.. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Everyone works well together."
      Feb 02, 2021
      "The staff are all very professional and friendly. It’s like one big family. They really go that extra mile to include family and help us to understand things. I won’t go anywhere else for my therapy. "
      Jan 11, 2021
      "Great Therapists! Very Professional and Friendly. Atmosphere is conducive to and Complimentary to the Therapy."
      Dec 30, 2020
      "pro motion is very professional and greatly helpful. all the therapist know there stuff. with the virus they cleaning is fast and complete . They have helped me and my wife over the years and will continue to do so in the future. Thank You"
      Dec 09, 2020
      "To all the people that work for Pro Motion Rehab, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for each and every thing you have done for me. You know your job, and you do your job. You're always up for a challenge and no one could have done a better job from the top of my head to the tip's of my toes than all that you did for me. I love each and all of you for it. Your the best friends I've ever had, and I appreciate you for it. May God bless you and keep you. i hope to get to come back because I miss you all so much. Your friend forever Clayton"
      Dec 08, 2020
      "From my first visit to my last, everyone at Pro Motion made me feel welcome. They are knowledgeable, caring, friendly, and involved in my healing. No matter who is on your case, you know you are in good hands. The atmosphere is fun, but also professional. The praise music playing always meant so much to me. "
      Dec 01, 2020
      "Since my first visit at Pro Motion I have felt so comfortable like I belonged there. All the staff there are so friendly and accommodating. Everyone of them have been so helpful. From the lady at the first window she set the stage for your visit, including her fill in when she is not there, everyone is top notch. I would recommend Pro Motion to anyone needing there expertise. I am moving better than I have in a long time. I will give them a 10+ "
      Nov 02, 2020
      "The absolute best place to get therapy, of all kinds. You are greeted with a smile everyday by everyone. The equipment is kept clean & well managed (equipment is not tattered, torn, or broken). The workout areas, as well as common areas, are always clean. Never overcrowded. The therapists are highly knowledgeable, giving great advice for continuing and/or doing better with home exercises. The staff is the friendliest around. You truly feel like part of the family (the ones you like) when there - able to talk, share, laugh and sing making time pass by faster while getting to quality help. "
      Oct 27, 2020
      "Pro Motion Rehab is highly recommended! I have one family member who recently completed a physical therapy program here and another family member who is currently completing their cardiac rehabilitation program here. The staff has exceeded our expectations. They display friendliness, professionalism, compassion, and promptness. This business is a blessing to have in our community!"
      Oct 27, 2020
      "Pro Motion has the Best Physical Therapy Personnel. They are Very Friendly, Caring, Encouraging and Professional. They want you to get back in the game and enjoy life. I definitely Recommend Pro Motion to Anyone who needs Physical Therapy. To Each and Everyone Of You......THANK YOU "
      Oct 26, 2020
      "I strongly recommend Pro Motion Rehab. Everyone is genuinely happy you are there. Great care, every aspect, by everybody involved in your care. You can rest assured that your care plan is well thought of for your particular need. If problems arise, just tell them and they will change the care plan. Very easy to work with, cooperative including you, in your return to gaining strength and mobility. Such an enjoyable atmosphere!"
      Oct 26, 2020
      "If you're hurtin', it's for certain Pro Motion is the place for you!!! PERIOD "
      Oct 26, 2020
      "The staff is amazing! I had therapy for 1 year due to an arm injury and they made me feel like family. Everyone was well trained and always knew what to do. The place is clean and well taken care of! Miss you all 😘"
      Oct 26, 2020
      "Pro Motion Rehab : I can’t say enough good things about Pro Motion Rehab . From the time you walk in you are greeted by friendly staff . Physical therapy, who would think that it would be fun to have pain, lol . Everyone here is very professional, they go out of their way to make you feel at ease . The atmosphere is very uplifting , I enjoy being here during my therapy , I have been here since April , so I feel like a part of the fixtures here . Everyone just lifts your spirts with their personality’s , all different but all with a heart of gold . Never do I feel like oh geez therapy again ! Great friendly place they all make you feel like one big family ! Thank you all !!"
      Oct 26, 2020
      "I have never been to a healthcare facility with such a great staff. Every single person is genuinely helpful, pleasant, and kind. I have had nothing but positive experiences with Pro Motion and would highly recommend anyone to their services. Thank you for taking amazing care of me! "
      Oct 26, 2020
      "I totally recommends Pro Motion Rehab Inc. The first day, I met Julie and she made me feel like, this is the place. I can’t say enough about the whole staff!!!, amazingly friendly, patient, and helpful every step of the way. Great manager, and team leaders, If I had any questions, from the staff, they were very knowledgeable. They went over and above working with me. Didi is a real jewel. very tough. Great!! Nobody likes the pain of rehab, if you need it, this is the place for you. What I loved about the staff is everyone worked so well together and seemed like they really enjoyed their job. They always had something friendly to say to brighten everyone's day. I loved it. "
      Oct 24, 2020
      ""I want to thank you guys for getting me back in shape also getting back into the game came in third in Kentucky ASA" "
      Jun 30, 2020
      "To the Staff at Pro Motion Rehab - This is just a small thank you for all the good things that happen here. Every person working here that dealt with me was way past professional in their treatment with me, and every other client of yours that I saw while I was there. You all should be more than proud of this facility & what you all do. Thanks & stay safe."
      May 18, 2020
      "Cannot say enough about these people. Caring, loving, and more fun than a barrel of monkies. Had major surgery and needed rehab. I felt at home from the minute I walked in. If You're hurtin', I'm certain Pro Motion will fix you!!! Plus, Veteran-owned. Tell them Sparkles sent you."
      Apr 28, 2020
      "You all are the best be safe and thanks for your service during this trying time. "
      Apr 28, 2020
      "I would highly recommend Pro Motion Rehab for all of your physical therapy needs. The staff is very knowledgeable, professional, and personable. I’ve had the opportunity to be treated there two different times for two different issues. It didn’t take them long to make me “pain free.” I consider them friends, and I certainly appreciate what they have done for me. Do yourself a favor! Go to Pro Motion Rehab. You’ll feel better for doing it."
      Apr 28, 2020
      "Thanks for getting me on the road to getting me well. And for putting up with an old grouch!"
      Mar 16, 2020
      "You folks are great, I would never have done it with out you."
      Mar 16, 2020
      "To everyone Thanks for all your good work in helping me recover from my broken arm!"
      Mar 16, 2020
      "To all Thank you so much for putting up with me for over three months. Without ya'll I'd still be just carrying around a useless left arm. I would recommend you to anyone needing the re-work I received. "Hopefully I'll never have to undergo any more rehab for anything else, but will remain friends, outside of business. "
      Mar 16, 2020
      "Dear Wonderful Pro Motion Rehab Staff Your kindness is matched b your caring and consumate skill in helping all who come to you. The peace of God be with you all "
      Mar 16, 2020
      "recommends Pro Motion Rehab Inc. - I can’t say enough about the staff!!! Amazingly friendly, patient, and helpful every step of the way. Nobody likes the pain of rehab. But if you need it, this is the place for you."
      Feb 10, 2020
      "Been to other places this is the best👍 "
      Feb 10, 2020
      "My favorite 3 things about Pro-Motion? I only get to list 3?? Pro-Motion has a tag-line of "come as a patient, leave as a friend." Truer words have never been said. I felt almost pampered by the staff. If you walked in the room with a frown, within seconds you were smiling. All of the staff that I interacted with were cheerful, happy, caring and professional. The staff is definitely the number 1 thing I liked best. Number 2 would be the atmosphere. I felt so comfortable that I found myself encouraging complete strangers like I had received encouragement. The 3rd favorite thing would be the healing I received, mentally, emotionally as well as physical."
      Jan 24, 2020
      "I would not go anywhere else."
      Jan 15, 2020
      "I enjoy coming in even though its for therapy - all staff are friendly and knowlegable."
      Jan 15, 2020
      "I cannot think of any way to improve on perfection! Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. They actually make therpay fun. I look forward to my visits."
      Jan 15, 2020
      "The facility and equipment are excellent and offers various motion and exercise possibilities. The staff are very good at their responsibilities and tasks! Randy runs a good program!"
      Jan 15, 2020
      "It's nice here and the atmosphere is really nice."
      Jan 15, 2020
      "PT is fun here! I love everyone's positive and friendly attitude."
      Jan 15, 2020
      "Everyone is great!"
      Jan 15, 2020
      "Keep doing what yall are doing."
      Jan 15, 2020
      "I honestly don't see anything that needs improved. I am very pleased with my progress and all the staff."
      Jan 15, 2020
      "All staff is friendly, I enjoy coming here."
      Jan 15, 2020
      "Everyone who I have had the pleasure of working with has been incredibly polite, and I will miss them all."
      Jan 15, 2020
      "Great Job"
      Jan 15, 2020
      "You are all most helpful, Thanks"
      Jan 15, 2020
      "All staff and therapists are awesome."
      Jan 15, 2020
      "This is one of the best Rehab I have attended. A BIG yes I do and will recommend Pro Motion."
      Jan 15, 2020
      "I have improved dramatically - this is a great place."
      Jan 15, 2020
      "Been to other place's, this is the best."
      Jan 15, 2020
      "Very, friendly, helpful people."
      Jan 15, 2020
      "Great !"
      Jan 15, 2020
      "This is my 2nd time to use Pro Motion Rehab, the previous Rehabs 2 x were not as well trained, and didn't seem interested in final results. I have recommended Pro Motion several times since last year. Great Team !!"
      Jan 15, 2020
      "I would highly recommend this facility! I have family member who has been visiting the Murphy location for a couple of months now and has been very satisfied with the level of care received. When asked to list three things liked about Pro Motion Rehab: Friendly staff, professionalism displayed, and promptness. When asked of one thing learned from reviewing new website: The variety of massage therapy services offered! This facility has so many services to offer others in our community!"
      Dec 30, 2019
      "CONGRATULATIONS! On your new page. 3 things that I like are the variety of services offered, the choices for payment options, the choices of locations for services provided. What I learned that I did not know you offered service wise was Neuromuscular Therapy massage which is something many folks in this area may need access to but did not realize it was available for neuropathy pain. Thank you and good luck. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!"
      Dec 23, 2019
      "At the beginning of this year, I had a mild stroke, then several months later I fell and broke my hip. I did not think at 82 years old, that Physical Therapy would help me. But, I was wrong. With every visit, I felt a little stronger and more able-bodied. I was able to get around better. I highly recommend Pro Motion Rehab, the staff is so professional and friendly. It's something I look forward to now."
      Dec 23, 2019
    • Video Testimonials

      Do you have Parkinson’s Disease?

      Do you know anyone else who may have it that is needing help?

      Please watch this 30 second video testimony from our patient who has Parkinson’s Disease and shares what has helped him to do his daily living with better balance and function.

      4 minute version – Full testimony from a Parkinson’s Patient who came to us for help.

      Patient Testimony

    • What Others Are Saying

      I really like Pro Motion Rehab very much, it is so different from the other PT place that I only went to for two times. The therapy man there only pushed and pulled on my neck. I like your exercise machines. Your staff are all so friendly and it’s a happy place to go to. Everyone there from the front office to the great massage lady (Pat) are so god to me. I’m hoping my neck will not be so painful soon (7 deteriorated discs) Thank you for your efforts.

      – Susan I.

      I look forward to my PT! When you walk in it is an upbeat, supportive atmosphere. They run it like clockwork so there is never any waiting. Everyone ask questions, listens, and seems to love their job. I’d highly recommend Pro Motion for anyone needing physical therapy.

      – Nancy W.

      Wow, this is my second week at Pro Motion and very positive experience, very high energy as soon as you walk in, lots of engagement, with a professional approach! I tried a competing clinic in Murphy and there’s really no comparison. Choose Pro Motion, you’ll get better faster and have fun doing it!.

      – Bob S.

      Very friendly, professional staff. VERY helpful.

      – Brenda M.

      I can’t say enough about the staff!!! Amazingly friendly, patient, and helpful every step of the way. Nobody likes the pain of rehab. But if you need it, this is the place for you.

      – Ed L.

      These people know what they are doing when its rehab.

      – Theresa C.

      Excellent well trained staff and a friendly atmosphere with a little contemporary Christian music thrown in.

      – Richard K.

      The experience at Pro Motion Rehab has been so awesome. Great personalities create a neat environment–not to mention the healing workouts provided!

      – Patricia S.

      You all are very nice to me and the other patients and always happy with a smile on your face.

      – Patricia M.

      Helpful and caring.

      – Nancy B.

      Professional, friendly and ready to help you.

      – Brenda M.

      Love the Christian music playing in the background. Therapists are so kind and helpful. Everything is clean and useful.

      – Patricia D.

      I just wanted to give a Positive recommendation to Pro Motion Rehab! I have been having some problems with my lower back and I went to see Randy and his staff on 3/19/19. I decided to have a massage instead of physical therapy for my first shot at trying to get relief. They had me see Pat and what a blessing it was to be assigned to her. Since I had never had a massage before she explained the process and I got prepared and she went to work. I can’t tell you that I wasn’t sore when she finished, but by the next morning I was feeling much better. I would certainly recommend this business and Pat for a massage. I’ll be back again when I need help, but I think I will also use them even if I am feeling well.

      – Nyle B.

      Great find in Pat the new massage tech, left there feeling great. Give her a try you wifi not regret it..

      – Ed P.

      Great find in Pat the new massage tech, left there feeling great. Give her a try you wifi not regret it..

      – Ed P.

      Friendly staff. I was in a lot of pain and thru Pro Motion Rehab Therapy. I am living pain free.

      – Sheila J.

      They worked wonders on my hand and arm. Very nice and went beyond helping me to get back to normal.

      – Perry D.

      Pat is a wonderful teacher and massage therapist, new techniques are wonderful. Thank you.

      – Boyde H.

      I was there today and you all was very nice to me.

      – Patricia M.

      I love the people that work there, they are like family. There help each one of their clients on what they need and are always there for each person.

      – Ann M.

      Compassion, skill, and dedication towards helping me get back to work standing 8 hrs a day as a machinist! One more week of rehab left since the right knee replacement 11/29!

      – Lisa H.

      A beautiful place and the team treats you like family. Thank you for your great care and the love you share with your patients. May God to continue to bless Pro Motion Rehab. Randy, Marilyn, Holly and all the team. Mr. Gary and I love you all. God bless and hugsssssssssss.

      – Debbie R.

      The attitude and conduct of the employees plus the treatment, PT and OT showed me the ultimate of professionalism and courtesy. I was treated there for several weeks and will return.

      – Gene S.


      – Trish M.

      Good group of people.

      – Greg M.

      Love, Love, Love all of you! Thanks for always taking such great care of me!

      – Diane M.

      Thank you for all your hard work, and all the fun and laughs we have. Each visit is the highlight of my day.

      – Anonymous

      To the best PT group on the Planet!

      – Jack O.

      I want to highly recommend Pro Motion Rehab, I have a horrid condition called Drop Foot. After a bad fall, I came to Pro Motion Rehab and after just a few sessions, I have more strength and confidence in walking. The folks there are all friendly, helpful and kind.

      – Joyce B.

      We love you all and thank you for always taking good care of us when we are in pain.

      – Debbie R.

      Professional in every way! The owner and staff are friendly, supportive, a well qualified. Each person takes the time to listen to questions, or concerns and follows up by actually finding the answer to any question posed. My experience has been absolutely wonderful and the exercises and treatment have enabled me to begin to function again. This is a tightly run ship, and the staff work hand in hand to make the therapy both consistent and effective. If the time comes that you require the benefits of physical therapy I would recommend this establishment above all others in the area. Truly a five star experience.

      – Mark L.

      Great, friendly, professional staff. They work with you and are always smiling and upbeat. Wonderful place to go for therapy.

      – Mabel S.

      Randy, Kristy and the entire team gave top-notch treatment to my 89 yr old mother. There is a spirit of joy as patients enter the room and an air of positive confidence as they depart. 3 cheers for Pro Motion.

      – Kaylynn K.

      Excellent service great attitudes

      – Sandy W.

      Y’all have treated me just as much with your hearts as with your hands and I appreciate that.

      – Gary W.

      I recently switched rehab places and I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised! In the short amount of time I am there the staff work tirelessly to alternate me through various exercises, stretches and therapeutic practices scheduled. I was sent here for neck traction therapy but have received much more than I expected! The techs , PTA’s and PT’s really care about me and my healing! I am grateful to get to experience healing at its finest!

      – Erin N.

      Steps above ‘the other’ brand of place!!! Completely Professional and extra attentive! No waiting 20 minutes or more for instructions for your next activity like ‘the other’s place I used to go to until I discovered Pro Motion.. My appointments are always 60 minutes of guided therapy like it should be. New location is wonderful! Nice, happy, caring people, especially Elisabeth the hand care specialist. 6+ stars!!! Yes 6+.

      – Gayle E.

      Great new facility staffed by caring, well trained individuals.

      – Mike G.

      When my elderly mother needed therapy, they made her comfortable and gave her the encouragement needed to push forward and get stronger.

      – Creekside Realty

      When clients ask for preferred businesses, Pro Rehab is one I recommend highly!

      – WNC Dreams Realty

      Pro Motion does treat you like family in which I felt was a little strange but then I got to thinking about it and that’s how I want to be treated. Love everyone one there.

      – Joan M.

      Professional and attentive! Moving to a new location next weekend. Then they will be all 5 stars. Just a little crowded at old location. Nice caring people.

      – Gayle E.

      Very helpful.

      – Mark H.

      Therapy has helped me. I wasn’t sure it could, for this problem, but after about 8 sessions I am able to get comfortable enough to sleep, which I was unable to do prior to therapy. I have had therapy 3 times now at Pro Motion for 3 different problems, it has worked for me each time. I have recommended Pro Motion to my friends and will do so in the future. They truly become friends.

      – M. Wethli

      I have had many different issues, knee replacements, etc. and have been to all the surrounding Physical Therapy clinics, and am so glad I ended up at Pro Motion Rehab. It is by far the best place I have been. The atmosphere is totally different, in the best way.

      – J.R.

      After a disastrous hip replacement, I visited 6 physical therapists in larger cities and had a very good idea of qualitative differences. Pro Motion was by far the most professional, friendliest, but most important, by far the most effective in solving my rehab. BTW they have a 40 year old therapist with 60 years experience. strange but true.

      – Jack V.

      I have been seeing Robert Miranda who is the holistic practitioner at Pro Motion and the results are ***. I have lost over 21 pounds in 2 months and my joint pain has been greatly reduced. I also have dropped my synthroid from 200mg a day to 100mg. I feel so much more alert and focused and my energy level has greatly improved. I am now doing therapy with Pro Motion and have seen great improvements as a result. I highly recommend this place as they are such kind and caring people!

      – Robert K.

      When I came in to the facility the greeting made me feel truly welcome. I really did not think there was much I/you could do to prevent this happening again. However, I can feel the muscles got stronger and the therapy really helped.

      – B. Thomas

      Just wanted to let you know, You are a WONDERFUL Physical Therapist! I had gone to a physical therapist here in Blue Ridge, not only did she hurt me physically but she told me I’d never be able to walk well and definitely not on a treadmill. I was crushed! I thank God for you! What a Wonderful man of God. He worked with me through the good times and the bad. Sweet and loving in a professional manner all the way. Today I am all over the place I walk as well as anyone, to prove it I have a 13 year old son and a 10 month old grandbaby to keep up with. I am always on the go and I thank God for my recovery and that he was a huge part of it. Pro Motion is Blessed, and I was Blessed to have you as a friend / Physical Therapist.

      – Connie C.

      Physical therapy with you guys was amazing!!! You all take the time to work with each client and focus on them. I have recommended you all personally on multiple occasions.

      – Alisha M.

      Pro Motion treats you like Family!!! The best care you can get!!! I highly recommend Pro Motion for your PT needs.

      – Trevor G.

      My husband and sister-in law, received therapy at Pro Motion Rehab for different physical problems. Both had great outcomes and returned to their daily routine in a short period of time. I had an advantage knowing what caring and dedicated staff worked at Pro Motion Rehab. As soon as you open the door, Deanna greets everyone with a friendly and professional welcome. Due to the winter months, I had lost most of my upper and lower body strength, resulting in poor balance. The therapist evaluated my needs on my first visit and designed a personal program. Thanks to all the physical therapists and technicians, I am reaching my goal. Also, Pro Motion Rehab evaluates your progress and assist with your exercises making sure you are obtaining the best results possible. Being in the medical field for over thirty-five years, I recommend Pro Motion Rehab over any other rehab.

      – Sandra B.

      My therapy is good, my carpel therapy, only 2 treatments so far. As the muscles heal because they are sore, the pain is lessening, is great, need it so bad. And my neck feels better also, the muscles sore, but a lot less pain there. There was even a spot really small but very painful, just under my skull in the back on my right side, that was radiating so much pain for a very long time, months. Last night I experienced a miracle, very huge to me. I felt like a pinch of sorts, a hook of sorts reaching deep in there and pulling while trying to just relax my neck and shoulders, etc. It felt like a pop, bam, that spot is no longer hurting, the pain is GONE! Very strange but no words can describe it, the only one I can think of is immaculate. Thank you Lord so so much!! It has NOT returned either. I felt sort of like that tiger on the movie Dr. Doolittle, lol, seriously….

      – Deborah A.

      I was not in North Carolina long enough for the thorough therapy that I needed. I was pleased with the evaluation and professional manner that the therapist used in my situation. I especially needed the massage – unfortunately, 30 minutes is not enough per week for my condition. I will be returning in the summer and you can expect to see me. Thank you.

      – Anonymous

      Having therapy 2 to 3 times a week for nearly a year, you get to know people. I can truly say from experience , that this is one great group. Not only were they concerned about your condition, they made it fun and exciting during your rehab.

      – Carroll R.

      Life changing for me. The friendliest, skilled therapists, and state of the art techniques and equipment. When I was referred to Pro Motion Rehab, I was walking with a cane and unsteady on my feet. The therapists designed a program for me that included exercise, stretching, massage, and other treatments aimed at helping me overcome my temporary disability. After a few months of rehab, I stopped using a cane to walk and was much steadier on my feet. I witnessed people of all ages receive one-on-one caring attention that helps a person feel better and not quite so alone with their disability. The therapists are knowledgeable, but the best part is they are always courteous, smiling, friendly, and the atmosphere is as healing as the treatments. Once I was released from physical therapy, I am able to do exercises I learned at Pro Motion Rehab at home.

      – Vicki K.

      I’ve been working at Pro Motion Rehab & Wellness Center for almost 11 years and while the setting may not satisfy everyone, it is a very friendly professional environment that tries to meet or exceed everyone’s expectations of therapy. I’ve also seen several that came with low expectations and unhappy demeanor yet they ultimately softened and felt better from the therapy rendered to them. It’s sad that some individuals would rather leave poor feedback rather than discussing the issue(s) that displeases them. If we don’t know something is not working we cannot fix it. We truly want to be the best at what we do and provide at Pro Motion Rehab & Wellness Center and need each individuals help to make it better by providing constructive feedback. Also, if you do not use your real name on negative posts we cannot help you. It’s more likely that the individual either never attended as a patient or never gave us an opportunity to make any necessary correction to make their experience better. Until The Whole World Heals…
      May God guide and bless each and every one of you!!

      – Randy V.

      Recovering from total Knee replacement. I couldn’t be happier with the wonderful results I’ve had at Pro Motion Rehab the past few months. The entire staff is professional, knowledgeable, caring and loving. I feel I received the best care possible from a fine Christian Organization. Kudos to owner Randy Veroline for his exceptionally run rehabilitation business.

      – Susan L.

      I was referred to Pro Motion Rehab for shoulder pain. The therapist developed a plan with lots of exercises with stretching that is helping release the pain. Also, the massage therapy is wonderful with Crystal. She works diligently on trigger points. The TENS treatment and the cold laser treatment is wonderful after a PT treatment. I would recommend Pro Motion for PT. The therapist and assistants work individually with you. The atmosphere is wonderful.

      – Linda G.

      Very pleased when the VA authorized Pro Motion as my physical rehab/therapy provider. Appointments are timely and professionally handled by front desk and therapy staff. Pleasantly surprised when the staff remembered my name after the first visit. My schedule gets busy at times, but the front desk always accommodates necessary changes in my appointment times with understanding and a smile. The staff is a true “team” working together to move me through the various exercise routines and equipment. I would not hesitate to recommend Pro Motion Rehab to anyone requiring treatment.

      – Philip G.

      Great attentive care.Very friendly atmosphere

      – Carol L.

      I am very satisfied with the service provided by Pro Motion Rehab. As soon as you walk in the door you feel welcomed. Your individual attention is never compromised, they are there for you and you alone. Keep up the good work Pro Motion Rehab.

      – H. Neubauer

      About five weeks ago I started receiving massage therapy at Pro Motion. Crystal is an excellent

      – Donna B.

      I found the staff to be very friendly and caring. I would recommend Pro Motion Rehab to anyone needing great therapy done by great therapists. I thoroughly enjoyed going for each visit and felt great when I was done.

      – Jim

      I had my total joint replacement on my second knee. I had used Pro Motion Rehab for my first knee. I was very pleased previously and have been very pleased with my rehab program for this knee. Everyone is friendly, knowledgeable, listens to me and seem to have my best interest at heart. Whatever my rehab need, I would always select Pro Motion.

      – Deborah W.

      To all the caring people at Pro Motion Rehab. I am very grateful to all you boys & girls. I really looked forward to coming to my appointments. I truly felt so much better, and I am continuing to do my exercises. May the good Lord continue to Bless all of you. Miss your happy faces. Have a great heart. Whatever my rehab need, I would always select Pro Motion.

      – E. Shaw

      I received and still receive the best therapy I have ever received before. Everyone is so caring and concerned about me and what is going on with my problems. Very friendly staff. I most definitely would recommend ProMotion to anyone who needs physical therapy. Great bunch of people who care about you and your therapy you need.

      – Paula F.

      There are not enough words to praise the staff at Pro Motion. All the staff take really good care of the patients. I had the best of care with my rotor cuff and shoulder replacement I highly recommend Pro Motion!! You guys ROCK!!

      – Trevor G.

      I was completely satisfied with these services. I’ve had PT for three surgeries in the last three years; this was the first here. I can say that the experience at Pro Motion was the best of the three.

      – GL Radciffe

      There truly are not enough words to describe how incredible Elizabeth and Lori are! They have went above and beyond what I could of ever expected for my daughter. She looks forward to seeing them weekly. I would highly recommend them to any parent looking for quality OT services for their children.

      – Kristie O.

      It is with great pleasure that I write this note of thanks to this incredible organization. I was not thrilled when I was told by my physician that I was needing Physical Therapy. I was greeted by the Physical Therapist who explained what my treatments would consist of and all of my questions were answered giving me a sense of true confidence. It was so comforting to see the smiles of my therapists each time I entered the treatment area. I enjoyed the relaxed-casual setting. The front desk ladies always scheduled my appointments at convenient times and always greeted me with a smile. I was extremely satisfied with my experience and would definitely recommend this facility to my friends and family. I came as a patient and left a friend. THANK YOU

      – Marilynne M.

      Even after just a few weeks, I am very impressed with the methods and the folks the therapists. I am feeling improvement and even more importantly, I feel like I’m being listened to.

      – Cathy R.

      A very happy and professional group of folks. Always makes you feel that they are glad to see you and can help you through your exercises.

      – Sally S.

      Best rehab I have ever received.

      – Paula F.

      Even after just a few weeks, I am very impressed with the methods and the folks the therapists. I am feeling improvement and even more importantly, I feel like I’m being listened to.

      – Cathy R.

      Elizabeth did a great job on the rehab of my hand after having my fingers straightened out. Her knowledge of what procedures to use to keep my hand usable was excellent. Thank you.

      – Ken K.

      I was very pleased with your service I received. All were so willing to help me. It all started when you walk into the door with friendly greetings and wonderful music. Thank you so much.

      – M. Moss

      I traveled from Great Falls MT to visit my sister and to have physical and cold laser therapy on my foot as cold laser isn’t available where I live. I am so very pleased with my progress so far and enjoy going to therapy. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and people oriented. The hour goes by quickly. Appointments are easy to make to accommodate your schedule. I would recommend Pro Motion for their rehab needs.

      – Roxanne O.

      I can’t say enough about the people at Pro Motion Rehab. I went to them for rehab when I first had shoulder pain. They were compassionate, friendly and understanding of my needs. Unfortunately I needed surgery on my shoulder, so I am now back at Pro Motion as a post op rehab patient. Everyone that works there is always friendly and greets you with a smile. They are understanding of your needs and concerns and always take the time to explain things to you and answer any questions you might have, I would highly recommend Pro Motion to anyone that inquires.

      – Barry G.

      I had knee replacement surgery due to degenerative osteoarthritis. The staff at Pro Motion were very attentive to my recovery so attentive that I am back to doing the things I love. Gardening and Hiking are now back in my agenda. THANKS PRO MOTION. Your staff is amazing.

      – Jeanna M.

      I have been a patient at Pro Motion for about 6 weeks. It took me a while to find them because, they are not your “garden variety” physical therapists. They are innovators! The use of cold laser therapy, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, along with traditional PT, help to create a “game plan” to reduce and eliminate pain… it has done for me. On Jan. 02, 2015, I fractured a toe; because of acute osteoporosis the fractured bone did not knit back together. Podiatrists and Orthopaedic doctors told me I needed surgery…pin through the toe, plate, screws, etc. I don’t think so. After seeing how the tear in my dog’s cruciate ligament was repaired in part, by the use of cold laser therapy stimulating the regeneration of tissue, I knew this was the path I needed to follow. Pro Motion has provided the treatment and therapy necessary to alleviate the pain and help the fracture to begin knitting together. For the first time in 6 months I am pain free! AND I can finally wear shoes again! X Rays taken last week show bone regenerating! The folks at Pro Motion are knowledgeable, efficient, concerned, and professional. My sister was so impressed by the results of my treatment, that she has come from Montana for PT at Pro Motion, for debilitating, plantar fasciitis.

      – Carol O.

      This April will be a year that I had to go through PT at Pro Motion. Three days a week I went till the week before Christmas. I became friends with all of you all. Randy, Marilyn, Dena, Angie, Kelly, Crystal, Dawn, Rachel, Jamie, Tim, Marilyn, Boomer, Elizabeth.I know I’m missing some but they truly are great people. I would take doughnuts or biscuits to them. If you need PT I highly recommend Pro Motion!!!

      – Trevor G.

      All the employees are very friendly and helpful. Highly recommended by my doctor. I’m very pleased with the improvement I am seeing in a shoulder injury.

      – Katherine K.

      I can’t say enough about this wonderful group of folks. From the minute you walk in the door you feel like one of the family. They are very well trained and make you feel like you are the only one in the building. You feel special. The new facility is fabulous!! This is a family run business and is run from the heart.
      I can’t wait to get back to my workouts.

      – Marilyn H.

      I have been going to Promotion Rehab for 1 week and I can already tell a significant difference in my lower back and left hip. The staff is very knowledgeable, informative and kind which creates a wonderful atmosphere. I would highly recommend Promotion Rehab. Oh yes and I can’t forget to mention the wonderful massage.

      – Sherri W.

      I’ve been working at Pro Motion Rehab & Wellness Center for almost 11 years and while the setting may not satisfy everyone, it is a very friendly professional environment that tries to meet or exceed everyone’s expectations of therapy. I’ve also seen several that came with low expectations and unhappy demeanor yet they ultimately softened and felt better from the therapy rendered to them. It’s sad that some individuals would rather leave poor feedback rather than discussing the issue(s) that displeases them. If we don’t know something is not working we cannot fix it. We truly want to be the best at what we do and provide at Pro Motion Rehab & Wellness Center and need each individuals help to make it better by providing constructive feedback. Also, if you do not use your real name on negative posts we cannot help you. It’s more likely that the individual either never attended as a patient or never gave us an opportunity to make any necessary correction to make their experience better. Until The Whole World Heals… May God guide and bless each and every one of you!!

      – Randy V.

      The first time I came to Pro Motion was last year when I had carpal tunnel surgery. Elizabeth is wonderful. She makes you feel relaxed and enjoy your therapy. The work that she is doing with children has to be very rewarding for all. I love all of the staff at Pro Motion. They are the greatest and your motto “Come as a patient leave as a friend” is definitely Pro Motion Therapy. Thank you

      – Lucille B.

      Today was my first time back after nose surgery. They are in the new facility and it is great. The staff really cares about their patients and all act like they enjoy their work. I would recommend them to everyone I know. Thank You Randy and Marilyn.

      – Joe P.

      Another month and definite progress! The Pro Motion team is always at the top of their game ! Whether you notice or not they are taking note of your pain level, progress or mental and physical stress. They really!!!!!!!!! care about you the person and not just the patient. Truly, I cannot extol their virtues enough as both the friends they have become and professionals. You both hear and see from every patient the pleasure in each visit and admiration they have for the Pro Motion team.

      – Brenda B.

      “Ah ha” is what my wife says as she points to the heavens , another of God’s little miracles! Finding my way to Pro Motion was one of these “Ah ha” moments. (long story) I was supposed to go some where else but ended up at Pro Motion Rehab.
      After having a hand procedure, my surgeon , Dr.Cutting, told me to find a good therapist and report back in a few weeks . I’m now ready to go back, and my report to him will be filled with praises for Pro Motion and particularly Elizabeth & Jason!!!
      The feeling I had after my 1st visit was that I was in the right place. Why? Because they know what they are doing and they listen to what you would hope your end result would be. We didn’t talk directly about the Spiritual side of their business but my guess is that it that it is very much a part of the “family” atmosphere that makes them so successful !
      I will refer people to Pro Motion every chance I get. Be Blessed,

      – Richard C.

      Awesome! Elizabeth & Jason shows to really care.

      – T. O’Neill

      When I first went there for my back, it would go out all the time. If I would move wrong, or sneeze, just anything it was very painful. Since therapy on my back, it hasn’t gone out at all. Now I am going for my Hip and plan on making a full recovery. What I like about Pro Motion Rehab are the people from the staff, the owner and all there, they care and will work with you. They always have a smile and a sense of humor, that’s my favorite, because as bad as I feel when I go, there sense of humor always perks me up. Thank you!

      – Karen R.

      Pro Motion Rehab and Wellness Center is such an outstanding GREAT Rehab/Physical/Massage Therapy Treatment Center. Let me speak first to my PT. I believe all businesses are either poor, good or great and it comes from the top down. Everyone, including the Owners, Randy and Marilyn Veroline, have such great personalities. They make a point to know you and are hands-on Owners. I have a strong dislike from going to past PT locations in FL. They always seemed cold, almost sterile-like. Impersonal. It was as if I was just another number; roll them in, roll them out. I made a decision, on my own, to stop going before treatment was finished. Part of any Therapy, again in my opinion, requires great relationship-building skills. I feel like I am friends with all the staff. From Randy and Marilyn to Kristi Geoghagan, Physical Therapist and Rehab Manager, Rehab Technicians, Jamie, Dawn, Rachel, Dena and Tim (Gosh, I hope I included all I have worked with). Needless to say, I was a bit hesitant when my Doctor referred me to PT again in Murphy, NC. Since the day I started with Pro Motion, I have continued to go back. I feel so welcomed by all whenever walking in the front door and guess what, I am getting great relief from my pain. The strongest Prescription of Pain Medication I will take is Motrin 800 mg. That barely touches the surface of pain at times, but with the therapy I have received at Pro Motion, I am nearly pain-free.

      While I have spoken about the Owners, Physical Therapists and Rehab Technicians, I would also like to recognize Cristal Singleton, the Massage Therapist at Pro Motion. She has hands made for massage; a true God-given talent. Cristal genuinely cares about her clientele. One thing I first noticed is she “listens” to what you are saying/experiencing and the comfort received after PT, then going directly to massage is priceless. I have always been pro massage and always received a massage once per month, at minimum, before I retired. Naturally, I found the right Massage Therapist for me in FL and I saw her for years. When I made permanent residency in Murphy 3 years ago, I sought out massage therapists. Someone who met my needs as mentioned above. I tried a couple and only one met everything I was looking for, EXCEPT, she didn’t “LISTEN” and I found out the hard way. Had she listened, she would have heard I haven’t been to a massage therapist in a long, long time. At that point, in my opinion, she should have provided me with a gentle massage, versus the deep massages I would receive at times with my past massage therapist when going on a regular basis. Yes, I was long overdue and probably had knots all over my shoulders and back, but she did a deep massage on me and when I got home and through that night and the next day, my entire body hurt so badly, I was almost in tears. So if you do not think it was important to read that “Cristal listens”, maybe you’ll find it important now. You can see Cristal at Pro Motion either after PT at a discounted price, or if you are not a Patient at Pro Motion, Cristal is also open to the general public at Pro Motion. Call Pro Motion up, schedule an hour with Cristal and you will find it is the best money spent that day. The real key for me is to go on a regular basis. I think you’ll feel the benefits after a couple of massages that you’ll want to go back. We all need to take better care of ourselves and massage is a reasonable price to pay for improved health.

      Okay, let’s talk about the “back office” staff who are usually the forgotten ones. But you can’t forget them, even their billing staff, haha but true. First, Deanna Greco, the Office Manager, is typically who will first greet you by phone and in person at the front desk. She is very hands-on and seems to be in tune with everything going on in the office, juggling people’s schedules due to cancellations, emergency needs, etc. I recently asked who did all the hiring and Deanna also handles that as well. She too obviously has a God-given talent of being able to match new staff with the atmosphere that has been created at Pro Motion. She is kind, listens even though I am sure she has a million things going on and she never makes me feel she does not have time for me. She has never rushed me off the phone or out of the office. I know, well I’m pretty confident she is not a pushover by any means, but she is very kind, in tune with what’s going on and has bent over backward for me when needed. She seems to be the glue that keeps all the pieces of the puzzle in its proper place at the proper time. Okay, let’s talk about the fun department, accounting, billing, etc. I know they think I’ve not noticed them much, but I observe all. Angie White, Billing Manager and Linda Knowles, Collection Specialist are also upbeat, not stuck in a corner counting beans. They are on top of things, doing a great job. Hey, regardless of the Business, everyone needs to make money and Angie and Linda keep the financial boat afloat, working with us and handling our Insurance Carriers, WC claims, Auto Accident Insurance Companies, and I am sure the list goes on.

      Now, one last mention and that is Kelly Johnson, Patient Coordinator and also handles “PR”, such as this testimonial. Thank you Kelly for not posting this testimonial before I finished it a while back and bringing it to Deanna’s attention. All of this written here is the completed version! Listen, no I am not Randy’s Sister, nor am I getting paid to write this, nor a relative of anyone who works at Pro Motion. I am a patient at Pro Motion who is one to complain if there is an issue, but one who also believes in giving great feedback when warranted. It is well warranted in Pro Motion’s case. Thank you all for providing such great therapy and care, but also for the relationship-building skills you all possess to make your patients feel relaxed, comfortable and safe.

      – Lou-Ann S.

      Pro Motion Rehab is the best place and they care about their patients. But, they also are very pretty ladies. They talk with you and they care. May God bless them for helping us to get better. Looking forward to their new location and seeing my caring friends. And they call you to see if your doing better. That means a lot. And I thank them for their loving, caring concern.

      – David A.

      I totally add my support to all the praise that has been written about Pro Motion! In the past 2 years I have been referred to them for three incidents: Once, for a fractured thumb with detached ligaments, and twice for total knee replacements.

      Their individualized schedule of physical therapy put me back into 100% fighting condition—and it was almost fun! I look forward to my next injury.

      – Jim J.

      Wonderful caring staff because they take care of me and make sure that if the exercises are to hard for me, then they have me do an easier version of it. Plus, I love going there and I like to bake cookies for them.

      – Ashley W.

      1) When you can’t go home go to Pro Motion
      2) The motto at Pro Motion “get’er done”
      3) The staff at Pro Motion are outstanding.

      – Dave B.

      Thank you for helping me with the knee problems that I was having. My friends that are in marching band with me are having fun with the ankle stretches that you showed me how to do, they’re really going to come in handy when band camp rolls around this summer. My little sister loves making cookies for you all. My favorite thing to do was the holding my legs up in the air for three minutes. Thanks to physical therapy I can run after the piglets, play with the dogs, and run after my sisters. I hope that you will have many customers at your new place, so far it is looking great. My mom has been making me do all my stretches at home all the time but I don’t mind because while I do the stretches I get to watch T.V. My second favorite thing to do at physical therapy was the bikes, that was fun especially if I can race my little sister on it too.

      – Kelly W.

      I was referred to Pro Motion a year or so ago by the VA Choice Program and it’s one of the few things that have gone right for me. The response was immediate and caring. Once enrolled I became a believer in how they approach taking care of physical therapy issues. The therapists take a very personal approach to caring for their patients and do not let you give up after years of enduring pain. I would like to thank Jamie and Crystal for going out of their way to ensure that I made every goal to become pain-free. They went out of there way to make sure I was OK after the sessions. Everyone at Pro Motion Rehab becomes a part of your life and I will always be grateful for the love, compassion and friendships I now have.

      – Neal Y.

      I am seriously visually impaired, so when my doctor recommended physical therapy I did not want to participate. My wife convinced me to try Pro Motion Rehab. I have been pleased and surprised by my therapy. First I was assigned my personal tech. who escorts me to every station and makes sure I do the exercise correctly. Since I cannot see she gives me very specific instructions and occasionally assists me in performing the exercise correctly. I am making great progress, improving my balance and my stride in walking, no more stumbling! I strongly recommend Pro Motion rehab to anyone with visual problems, who need physical or occupational therapy.

      – Elbert T.

      When I first stepped into Pro Motion rehab I was near the end of my rope. I nearly had given up and thought that my pain and suffering were permanent. After my first visit and working with multiple staff members I left there with a sense of hope. I had a better understanding of what was wrong with me and a new plan on how to correct it. Since then, Pro Motion has changed my entire outlook on life completely. Their unconditional love, caring culture, and support are what kept me coming back. I honestly don’t know where I would be in life right now had it not been for Pro Motion Rehab. I continue to go there to this day for maintenance and touch-ups on my lingering issues. I highly recommended them to anyone who is looking for an establishment with excellent equipment needed for therapy and some of the most caring people I have ever met.

      – Travis C.

      Pro Motion was recommended to me by a friend, she is a retired nurse and her main job was going all over the states to evaluate and audit rehab centers. So I figured this must be good. Sure enough she was so right. They not only have the best equipment but they all attend to you with friendly and courteous smiles and they know what they are doing. By the time you have been there a few times you walk out the door feeling like you have been adopted into their family. It is the place to go!!

      – Marilyn H.

      Pro Motion Rehab is the best place to get your needed therapy. The friendliness and knowledge of the entire staff is simply outstanding. I strongly recommend, if you are in need of any type of therapy, Pro Motion as the place for you.

      – Linda L.

      After I came to terms to have a total knee replacement, I knew that I was going to have to have therapy afterwards. I told my family that if there was anyway possible that I wanted to do my therapy outpatient. I didnt want to be hospitalized any longer than I had to be! My daughter had heard alittle about Pro Motion Rehab however I was concerned. The arrangements were made and I started my therapy. What can I say….from the time I entered the door until today (I still go for strengthening) it has been SUPER!!!

      Do you need therapy? Go to The Best Place Pro Motion Rehab!!! You will be glad you did!!! I could never say thanks enough!!!

      – David G.

      After the evil alien “Cancer” wreaked havoc on my neck and spine, the combination of treatment and physical therapy helped me get back to a more normal day to day life. Because of the help I received from Randy and his staff, I can move my neck easier, my back muscles are stronger and I have more energy and less pain. The support and caring I get from everyone there helps me keep fighting.

      I would happily recommend Pro Motion to anyone needing healing and a friendly helping hand.

      – Laura W.

      This place and the individual attention I receive. My health and well-being has improved immensely since I started visiting Pro-Motion. The facility is spotless and the equipment is state-of-the-art. My doctor and I don’t believe in medication of any kind, so she prescribed Pro-Motion Rehab & Wellness for my health. I receive individual attention for neck and shoulder pain, plus a pampering massage once a week. All those who work at the center are knowledgeable professionals and they are able to answer all my questions. 5 Star rating!

      – Vicki K.

      After 10 years as a patient (for 5 previous rehabs) and friend I whole-heartedly recommend Pro Motion to everyone. Top notch professionals who take their slogan “come as a patient leave as a friend” seriously. Every patient is set at ease and the staff cares about how you feel and how you progress. Congratulations on the new facility!

      – Brenda B.

      I have read all the previous reviews and have to agree that this is a truly remarkable place because of the truly remarkable people. Randy has assembled a knowledgeable, caring and hysterical staff. There is nothing like humor to help one heal. Day one Kristy put together a program for me for my total hip replacement therapy. As I improved the program progressed with me. The best part is they don’t believe in anyone experiencing pain. The support staff, Jamie, Dawn, Rachel, Deann, et al. are the greatest. They are very knowledgeable and never leave your side. I particularly like the banter with Jamie, who made sure I dressed appropriately for exercise…proper shoes, etc. I can’t say enough about these great ladies. I so loved the staff that after four months of PT, I signed up for the exercise program and celebrated my one year with the group. You have to experience Pro-Motion to fully understand what an extraordinary facility it is. What a blessing for Murphy!

      – Marsha M.

      Promotion has nothing but top quality staff from the front end to the back. They make the painful experience of rehabilitation, a pleasure to complete. They are knowledgeable, prompt, and always smiling! You truly enter as a patient, but leave as a friend.

      – Kayla C.

      I would like to commend your staff for the way they make you feel (like part of the family)! Deanna is so pleasant and so understanding when you have to reschedule an appointment. Kristi is so knowledgeable and is able to suggest exactly what you need to improve your condition. Jamie is so willing to do whatever you need to make you feel better. She always has a smile and is very helpful. Cristal has “magic hands”!!! She is able to detect where you are hurting and feeling the stressful points from compensating your posture, in order to cope with your pain. Overall it is a great experience and I feel the improvement by coming to therapy and being treated like part of the family! Thank you

      – George L.

      Absolutely love this place and all who work here. It is really a ministry! Had knee problems a few years back and they helped get fixed right up. Now going for therapy on my shoulder and they are doing it again! I honestly do not believe I would be as well off with my shoulder and arm as I am now if it weren’t for Randy and his staff. Looking forward to getting into the new building. God bless Promotion Rehab and all who work and minister there!

      – Rick C.

      My experience with promotion was very interesting. I was entertained as well as being the entertainer. My staff was incredible. They were the ones I went to in need of help. I would recommend Promotion to anyone because they have a great atmosphere and friendly people. I have never met anyone as friendly as these staff. I thank God for allowing me to find such a wonderful place. They helped me and I help them.

      – Philip M.

      I had an awesome experience with pro motion rehab. The therapists were very helpful and understanding with what I could and couldn’t do. And the tech’s were just awesome to work with. Would highly recommended them to everyone.

      – Michelle P.

      I have been going to Pro Motion since Aug 2017 two to three times a week. I had both my knees replaced at the same time. Randy and his staff have done a great job working with me and getting me back to a normal life. I would highly recommend Pro Motion Rehab to anybody in need of great physical rehab.

      – Jim M.

      Pro Motion is a God sent! ​Randy Veroline and his crew take the time to listen and help all those that come through their door. It’s true come in as patient leave as a friend. An Awesome group of people.

      – Trevor G.

      From the front door to the back everyone was wonderful. Very friendly and welcoming. I would recommend Pro Motion Rehab to anyone looking for physical therapy. Thank you everyone.

      – Marilyn W.

      My experience at Pro-Motion was a rewarding one. The therapist designed an excellent plan for my post-shoulder-replacement-surgery and the technicians assisted the therapist with monitoring my progress. Everyone there treated me with kindness and encouragement during my recovery. I feel I have made some great friends during my visits to Pro-Motion.

      – Thomas C.

      The staff was excellent. I was pleased with everyone and everything – No complaints. Highly recommended!

      – R.T.

      Thank you for caring for me and for helping me so much. Thank you for being willing to work with me through all my pain. May God truly bless this business and all the people who work here. I recommend this place to everyone who needs this kind of help.

      – C.A.

      I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am to you folks. You have really helped me a lot. When I was having a bad day you showed me compassion and concern and didn’t push me to do what would make me feel worse. You are true professionals who know what each person needs to help them get better. I want to thank you for understanding me and caring about me, not as a client but as a person. Randy, you are so blessed to have such a great staff of men and women working for you. I know God will bless your business because you love Him and you do your best to serve Him. I will Highly Recommend your place to anybody that I find out needs your services. Thank you all again!
      In Christ Name,

      – Charlotte A.

      This is way more helpful than anything else I’ve looked at.

      – Vicki

      During my four weeks of treatment at Pro Motion Rehab, I found the entire staff to be friendly, courteous, helpful, and very professional. They were very thorough and attentive to my condition and would address the aches and pains with a variety of treatments. Including exercises, massage, and laser which all were effective.
      I would highly recommend Pro Motion Rehab to anyone.

      – L. Warner

      The first time i called you took the time to answer all my questions so i decided to try Pro Motion. It was apparent the whole staff was professional but at the same time the atmosphere is casual so what could have been a boring time turned out to be enjoyable.The help for my shoulder was huge. It’s almost @100% now .
      Thank you Randy and the entire staff…

      – D. Dressel

      I have been to several physical therapy places and this is the first one that helped me feel better from Day 1. Everyone was very professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. The facility is very clean (albeit it too cold sometimes!). I have never had much faith in therapy, but I am now pleased to say I was wrong! I would highly recommend Pro Motion Rehab to anyone. Thank you all.

      – Joni L.

      My Orthopedic Surgeon gave orders for Physical Rehab to see if I could avoid having knee replacement surgery. I started working with PT Kristi Geoghagan who customized my workout. I was particularly impressed with the way she would revise the workout based on my personal progress, not just checking off a list that stated where I was “supposed” to be in my PT. Kristi is quite knowledgeable about human anatomy and explains what a certain exercise or posture is doing to the body. She involves you in your treatment so you know what you are doing and why. With her help, I have been able to avoid surgery and have gained a greater level of health. I would recommend her to the world!

      The owner of Pro Motion, Randy Veroline, has created a caring and patient-driven environment. Jamie White, a PT Tech. creates an air of fun that helps you forget your woes. The front office staff are professional, efficient and always have a kind word. I highly recommend this facility.

      – Toni B.

      For the first time in my life I had a need for physical therapy after a foot surgery. I work at a fitness center and thought I could “take care of it myself”. I had heard a lot about Pro Motion Rehab and am so glad I went to them for help. They turned a 4 – 6 month healing process into 5 weeks! Randy and his entire staff were knowledgeable, friendly, and extremely professional. Their moto “Come As A Patient, Leave As A Friend” is exactly how I felt! I would highly recommend Pro Motion Rehab to everyone.

      Thank you Pro Motion Rehab!!

      – Sheri B.

      My Rehab was great! Everyone at Pro Motion Rehab were above and beyond the expectations you see in other facilities. I also want to add my thanks for Pro Motion Rehab’s sponsorship of the Varsity Cheerleaders of Murphy High School. Cheers to you!!

      – M. Scott

      I was very satisfied with my PT. I felt so loved & cared for. I felt my young man did everything in his power to help me, but my condition hasn’t improved at other places. But everything I felt possible was done for me to try and help me and I appreciate it so much. Love each one there and was so happy I can talk about my Lord with the whole group.

      – M. Light

      Best place to go for physical therapy and very friendly especially Kristi she does a awesome job. 5 stars

      – Sonia F.

      Thank you for your kindness and being able to fit me in last minute when I injured my back! You all were great! After two massages with Cristal, I have 80% more mobility and the pain has diminished almost completely! I am forever grateful that she was able help me while I was on vacation visiting my family. My pain was intolerable but Cristal gently worked my muscles and was even able to massage the area directly after 15 minutes. She helped me understand my body better and gave me tips to keep myself out of pain! Overall all I had an amazing experience and I really did appreciate the good vibes and conversation that came along with the treatment. (: thank you all once again!

      – Lauren M.

      Really great people at this facility. Friendly and all around good folks!!

      – August W.

      The awesomest place to go to therapy at!! Great atmosphere, Great people You make sooo many friends there too!!

      – Heather M.