Balance Challenges

Biodex Fall Risk Screening and Conditioning Program

At Pro Motion Rehab Inc. we understand that you are truly concerned with the successful          rehabilitation and quality of your life. This technology not only helps to reduce your risk of falling but it also can help rehabilitate a total hip or knee replacement, as well as orthopedic and neurological conditions and generally improve your overall mobility.

Providing you with the best and most effective care possible requires a combination of factors on our part, which will include our staff of trained therapists, and seamless cooperation between you, your physician and our team.

This technology allows us @ Pro Motion Rehab Inc. to introduce the next level in Fall Risk Screening and Balance Training. Implementation of this program has helped improve the general mobility and quality of life of our patients.

Our comprehensive Fall Risk Screening and Conditioning Program includes:

  • documentation and reports detailing your progress.

These detailed reports are an excellent way to track your outcomes and communicate improvements with family members. It helps you to be able to see your progress which is exciting as you improve, strengthen and get stronger.

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