Custom Bracing

Necessary for the recovery of your condition. We offer a variety of custom braces for knee, shoulder, foot, ankle, wrist, elbow, neck and back. Call us for an Appointment @ (828) 837-0400.

Pro Motion Rehab will measure, fit, and adjust as needed for all styles of braces or orthotics. Most braces come with a replacement warranty for fit and comfort. We also bill most insurances including Medicare for these braces.  Bracing should be a temporary solution to a temporary problem. Braces are meant to render support and safety while a person is healing, recovering, or rehabbing from an injury or surgery. It allows the body part to function while the individual goes through their day to day activities and provides structural support so that the individual does not make the problem worse while recovering.

At Pro Motion Rehab we specialize in getting you back to work and back to life sooner. Schedule Your Appointment Today.

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