Solo Step Therapy

Solo-Step Overhead Track System

Solo Step helps the patient who may be prone to falling, or who is unstable, has multiple sclerosis or may need to regain the ability to walk again after an injury. Solo Step helps regain the memory the body and brain need to help a patient confidently walk again.

The Solo-Step Overhead Track and Harness System consists of a high-performance, overhead track and trolley mounted to the ceiling. An attached harness protects patients from falling, which helps instill confidence. Solo-Step provides support for a patient during all aspects of Physical & Occupational therapy, including sit-to-stand, walking therapy, balance training, and climbing stairs.

We use the Solo-Step for our LSVT Big patients with Parkinson’s Disease. Read about LSVT here

The Solo-Step System is designed to support a person’s body weight while providing                            multi-directional movement. A 45’ length provides an ideal runway for various gait, mobility, and balance exercises.

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