Spider Taping

“What is Spider Tape?”

Kinesio taping has actually been around for quite a long time. We at Pro Motion Rehab Inc. primarily use Spider Tape™ to perform either Kinesio taping or McConnell Taping to the affected body with the hope of eliciting the desired result.

Uses include muscular, mechanical, muscle fascial, ligament and tendon correcting, functional, and  lymphatic.

Kinesio taping is based on a very simple principle. It acts to enhance or aid in the body’s natural healing mechanisms and targets the body’s natural receptors to maintain the effects.

The effects on the body Include:

  • increased blood flow to an injured region
  • Increased nutrient absorption
  • decreased swelling
  • better control over muscle contractions
  • decreased pain, and faster healing

Kinesio taping can be very beneficial.

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