HIRING for a busy Physical Therapy facility

Are you enthusiastic, empathetic, and driven to assist physical therapy patients in their treatment? Pro Motion Rehab in Murphy, NC, is currently hiring a Rehab Technician who embodies these qualities. With on-the-job training, you will learn about various exercises and modalities, including E-stim, Ultrasound, Cold Laser, and Purwave, and how to interact positively with patients.
This job is ever-evolving and adapts to new ideas, making it highly gratifying. The best part of this job is seeing patients’ excitement as they accomplish tasks they couldn’t do before therapy. Join our amazing team as our newest rehab tech and help us inspire others, one patient at a time.
To schedule an interview, please contact Pro Motion Rehab at 828-837-0400. We look forward to hearing from you.

Prehab at Pro Motion Rehab

Prior to surgery, many surgeons advise a prehab program to ensure optimal physical condition. This approach is becoming increasingly popular as it can significantly reduce recovery time. Prehab is designed to prevent injury and optimize your body’s condition before surgery. Pro Motion Rehab offers personalized prehab services to aid in faster recovery after surgery. Our experienced physical therapist will assess your current function and identify any potential obstacles to your recovery. A customized program will be created to address your specific needs and make you stronger. Being diligent with your prehab exercises and stretches at home is crucial as adapting to a rehabilitation program takes time. You may also need to adjust your daily activities while your tissues heal. Prehab typically requires weeks of exercise therapy before surgery, so scheduling your procedure accordingly is critical. By completing prehab, you’ll already be familiar with the physical therapy routine, making the post-surgery recovery process smoother. The exercises you do during prehab can often be incorporated into your post-surgery recovery program, making the transition easier and more familiar. Trust us to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

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