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  • We measure, fit and adjust as needed for all styles of braces or orthotics.
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Physical Therapy

Restore strength, endurance, balance, coordination, range of motion, posture, decrease pain, improve function and safety, circulation and/or facilitate normal development.

Massage Therapy

Massage reduces the heart rate, lowers blood pressure, increases blood circulation and lymph flow, relaxes muscles, improves range of motion and increases endorphins.

Holistic Health & Nutrition

Working with both adults and children to balance the body and correct health issues.

Wellness Center

Continue the progress you made through therapy at our new, state-of-the-art wellness center.

Pro Motion Rehab

Come As A Patient, Leave As A Friend!

Our staff strive to provide each and every patient with an excellent clinical experience from the time we make initial contact with you until your final visit at the time of discharge. Our focus is to assist you in relieving your pain, promoting strength and movement, and returning you to full functional potential. It is also very important to us that our patients are treated with respect and friendliness in a professional and caring environment. Individualized Care with More Effective Results is our goal. Please let us know if we have met or exceeded this goal.

As we strive to improve the quality of our services while meeting your needs, your feedback will greatly help make any necessary changes or to uplift and exhort those that have met or surpassed your expectations. To help facilitate this opportunity for improvement we have new survey forms available in our office. We would really appreciate your praise or complaint. You can comment anonymously by simply filling out a form and dropping it in the "Survey Box" in our reception area. Your comments and feedback help us improve the quality of service you should expect from your healthcare providers. If you would like others to know how you feel about the services you received from Pro Motion Rehab please join the list of clients that have submitted their testimonies on the web. Simply enter your testimony on our site so others will benefit from your experience.

We look forward to your assistance in molding and making this company the best Therapy Service in North Carolina by meeting the needs and expectations of the patients we serve!

Hours of Operation: Monday thru Friday 8:30 am to 5:30 pm (closed on most holidays) Closed for Lunch 12:30 to 1:30

Additional Times Available upon Request

Call Now! 828-837-0400

"Doctors are special people who have chosen a life course of caring for others. Your doctor knows that there are many avenues toward good health and well-being. Medications can help to keep vital signs in check and may eliminate symptoms helping you feel better, but good diet and exercise play a key role in healing and Truly Great Health. Imagine if you could clone your doctr so you could have one who cares for your medical needs and the other who can advise you on a nutritional health and exercise program developed specifically for you.


I work with both adults and children in the following issues: Food Intolerance; Nutritional Deficiencies; Environmental Toxins; Nervous System Assessment; Stress Management; Inflammation; Chemical and Hormonal Imbalances; ADD / ADHD; Obesity Issues; Emotional Disorders; Thyroid / Adrenal Fatigue; and Weight Issues
We work in harmony with your doctor's medical care to develop a "Lifestyle Change Plan" geared around your families specific needs. Our patients are amazed at how unbelievably simple and effective these plans are. No prescription or insurance are necessary. Click on http://www.MyLifeIsHealthy.com to fill out a Health History Form.

Make an investment in your health and future, call Pro Motion Rehab to schedule your individual and personal consultation today."

What Patients are Saying...

  • I am very satisfied with the service provided by Pro Motion Rehab, Inc. As soon as you walk in the door you feel welcomed. Your individual attention is never compromised, they are there for you and you alone. Keep up the good work Pro Motion Rehab.
    H. Neubauer
  • The first time i called Karina took the time to answer all my questions so i decided to try Pro Motion. It was apparent the whole staff was professional but at the same time the atmosphere is casual so what could have been a boring time turned out to be enjoyable.The help for my shoulder was huge.It's almost @100% now .
    Thank you ,Karina Randy,David,Tiffany and Sam.
  • I was very pleased with your service I received in 2007. All were so willing to help me. It all started when you walk into the door with friendly greetings and wonderful music. Thank you so much.

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