Ankle Injury Rehab

Starting rehab as soon as possible is imperative for those who have experienced an ankle injury. Within the first 72 hours, the initial step involves range-of-motion exercises. After that, the focus shifts to stretching, strength training, and balance exercises that are continued for several weeks to months to strengthen the ankle.

Our physical therapist is a highly skilled expert who can assist in alleviating pain, restoring strength, motion, and balance preventing further injury.

Pro Motion Rehab provides hands-on care and educates patients while prescribing movement. As patients progress through therapy, additional treatments or modalities may be introduced to prepare them for daily life and physical activity.

During the advanced stage of therapy, restoring proprioception is crucial. Proprioception is integral to the body’s ability to sense location, movement, and actions without conscious awareness. It is critical for balance and coordination in everyday movements. Physical therapists utilize tools such as single-leg hops, single-leg balance, dynamic heel raises across the floor, Bosu ball balance, and Bosu ball squats to enhance proprioception. Using unstable surfaces like a Bosu or foam pad challenges proprioception and simulates uneven terrain in the community.

Pro Motion Rehab

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